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Worry Free Service Plan

Do not get left out in the cold.

Think of our Service Plan like insurance for your heating equipment. If it breaks down, we will be there to make the necessary repairs to get your heating comfort restored.

At McDougall Energy, preventative maintenance is the key to keeping you warm during the long winters. Therefore, as part of the Service Plan, we will do an annual cleaning and servicing to ensure your heating equipment is operating at its maximum efficiency. This will help to reduce the likelihood of a break down and increase the level of efficiency, which will save you money and ensure your heating system is producing a minimal amount of emissions to help keep our planet Green.

At McDougall Energy we understand that problems with your heating system do not just happen during business hours. They can occur any time of the day or week. And on a cold winter day you simply cannot wait for a more ‘convenient’ time; you need your heat right away! With our Worry Free Service Plan, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with reliable and prompt service.

Why choose our 
Worry Free Service Plan?

  • 24 hour emergency no heat service
  • Annual cleaning and servicing, which ensures equipment is operating at its maximum efficiency and helps to save you money
  • Preventative maintenance to maximize the life of your heating equipment
  • Helps to reduce your carbon foot print on the environment
  • Helps ensure proper safety standards of the equipment are maintained

Appliances Available for the 
Worry Free Service Plan

Furnaces, Boilers, Hot Water Heaters

Note: When you choose our convenient Budget Plan we will include the cost of the Service Plan in your monthly payments, interest free.

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