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Modern & Clean-burning

Propane is not just for camps and barbecues anymore! It is a modern, clean-burning energy that is also ideal for heating and cooling, and running all manner of appliances from clothes dryers to refrigerators.

What are the major benefits of propane?

  • Propane is safe! Although the production, storage, transportation and use of propane are subject to strict standards and regulations, propane tanks are 20 times more puncture proof than conventional gasoline tanks. 
  • Propane is clean-burning, and with environmental concerns on people’s minds these days, propane stands out as an environmentally friendly alternative. 
  • Propane is portable and can be stored, transported and used almost anywhere. In many cases, it is the only fuel that can be used in remote locations and is particularly good in situations where power is needed temporarily, such as at a construction site or at a cottage. 
  • Propane is available in abundance in Canada and the transportation system to move it is also in place, as are the tanks to store it and the outlets to dispense it. 
  • Propane does not deteriorate over time, which means that it has an infinite shelf life.
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