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Cost-effective energy solution, delivered right to your door.

Propane is the natural choice when it comes to versatility in providing exceptional home heating and cooling solutions, along with powering a number of other appliances that can save you money when it comes to your electrical costs.

Plus, with McDougall Energy’s NO RUN OUT PROGRAM you’ll have comfort knowing you can rely on whatever propane powers in your home, camp, or cottage.


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Why are more people choosing propane with McDougall Energy?


Propane is more economical than electricity and home heating oil.


McDougall Energy monitors your propane use and offers stress-free delivery services to ensure you never run out. Check out our delivery options [link to delivery options]


Transportation and storage of propane is regulated. Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture proof than conventional gas tanks.


Propane can heat and cool your home, and power a growing number of appliances.  Propane can also be combined with other energy sources.


Today’s propane furnaces offer 96-98% efficiency and can provide up to 30% savings on your home heating bill. 


Propane is portable and can be stored, transported and used almost anywhere including remote locations.

Discover why propane is the economical solution to power your life.


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McDougall Energy Inc. is a proud Canadian Propane Association Member (CPA).

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