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Michael Klinger
Michael Klinger

Meet Michael Klinger

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Meet Michael Klinger

How I can help

I provide fueling solutions for one of the most respected, recognized and trusted brands in the industry, ESSO. I can offer:

  • Advice and guidance in developing a retail Esso or Pump branded gas station, or converting your existing station to the Esso or Pump brand.
  • Consultation in how to maximize revenue and profits from operating a retail gas station, including site design, equipment, convenience store products and merchandizing, as well as health and safety best practices.
  • Securing approvals from world-class Restaurant and Convenience store brands, which will allow you to produce the maximum income from your site.

About me:

Having more than 10 years of experience in sales and business development, I strive to maximize my customer’s business objectives by providing unmatched service and tailored fueling solutions. Working for a company that is as passionate about community development and projects as I am gives my role as Territory Manager added excitement and satisfaction. When I’m not helping customers, you will find me on one of the Island’s golf course fairways or trying to land the elusive Tyee Salmon.

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